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In gratitude of ten years in photography I've decided to do something different to celebrate this new decade. That is why, for the entire year of 2020, all wedding photography packages will be only $1000, regardless of scope or scale. Likewise, all family photo sessions will be $250, all inclusive. There are a few stipulations but I don't believe in non-transparent dealings so here are the pertinent details for your consideration....



Family Collections



Family photo sessions are available only in my neck of the woods: Jordan River on Vancouver Island. In immediate proximity are both China and Mystic beach which are still, in my opinion, among the most magical places on the island. The drive is about an hour west along Route 14 from Victoria. We would meet in the parking area then walk into the location together, shooting all the way. I do my best to capture real, genuine and candid photos that truly embody who you are as well as the relationships you have built.


This shoot is $250 (including GST/PST), will last approximately two hours and clients may expect to see approximate 50-100 photos mailed to their home address on USB approximately four to eight weeks following the shoot date.

Wedding Collections



All weddings are included, regardless of size, shape or scope. Each event will have the total package price of $1000, including GST/PST.... This price includes all weddings south and west of Victoria on Vancouver Island. All north island, gulf island or beyond couples are encouraged to get in touch however the exact amount of pre-calculated travel (ferries, jets, food, hotels, rentals, etc...) will be added to the $1000 base.


All clients may expect 50-100+ fully retouched, curated photos per hour of coverage. One USB containing all your photos in two sizes for easy managing as well as every photo articulated in both colour and monotone will be shipped four to eight weeks following your wedding date. 


You will own your photos and be able to share/reproduce them in any size without any credit to myself. I do reserve the right to use photos for promotional endeavours as I see fit (respectfully and always considerately).


To inform you of the calibre of collection you will receive, full-day wedding photography coverage, previously for the past five years has consistently sold for not less than $5000, usually $6000. This offer is capped by eight consecutive hours. A contract and deposit ($500) will be required to book and is non-refundable in the case of cancellation. Additional hours (if more than eight are required) may be easily negotiated on a contract-to-contract basis.

All wedding photography bookings are subject to date availability. Although the package price has been drastically reduced for one entire year, I promise to deliver as high a standard as the collections above and higher as I continue to grow as a photographer. Please be assured: less money will not equate less quality in any way.

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